The objective of a good brand is that it delivers the message clearly and it confirms your credibility. Branding also connects your target emotionally, motivates the buyer and also provides loyalty to the customers.Many people ask what they should look for in a design agency. There are many different things you should consider, but you should start by requesting examples of past clients and projects. With the wide artistic possibilities, logo designers often become too enthusiast in creating a company logo design that actually fails to meet the purpose. Logos help to create a visual recognizable identity for a company that effectively contributes to the company's branding.Print is a more traditional medium; the production of leaflets and fliers, menu's and other similar offline materials will all fall under this.An extremely abstract art, or a very complex illustration is often not a good example of a logo though they might be considered as a good art if considered from the perspective of a general artwork and not a logo. Logo designs are typically a visual representation of a graphic or text or a combination of both that provides a unique identity to a company and its products. A brand strategy always comes with a tag line of about three to seven word phrase that comes along with your logo. Often testimonials and case studies will be available on their website and you should study these closely.A logo design should be well thought out, with factors like usage, application and the nature of the company being kept in mind. These few simple tips will give you a grip on the job and even when you get a professional logo design firm to do your logo, you will know what exactly to ask from them.